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Metis is for you...

...if your business is between 10 and 1000 people, and you sell advice, creativity or support.

Metis is cloud-based management software that brings together time and expenses, budgeting and pipeline data.

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What's in it for me?

Try our return-on-investment (ROI) calculator to see what Metis could do for you. We estimate both financial and time benefits based on a few details about your business.

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What our clients say

"We are always looking to the end game: running a smart, lean company that delivers value to clients. Metis is one of the building blocks that is helping us achieve this." Karen Westaway | CEO, ValueBase

The problem Metis solves

Does your business look like this? Are you using multiple software products doing different jobs and not talking to each other?

The problem Metis solves

Metis brings together your timesheets, expenses, sales pipeline, job budgets and forecasts, and resourcing. It gives you an unrivalled view of where your business is – and where to take it. For example, our pipeline dashboard shows you whether you will hit your targets for the year. We can show you how simple it is with a one-to-one online demo.

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Our awards

Kite Global Advisors
"It's already paying dividends. The interface is clear and they provide excellent support" Larry Yu | Managing Director, Kite Global Advisors

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